Customs And Rituals Followed For Celebrating Mothers Day 2018 In China



The most significant day celebrated in China is Mothers Day 2018. This day is not only meant for partying and celebration but some rituals and customs are a part of it. Happy Chinese Mothers Day 2018 greetings Cantonese and pictures will be available to celebrate the occasion. Happy China Mothers 2018 greetings Cantonese and pictures will be used to express our blessings. The customs and rituals followed for celebrating Mothers Day in China have a special place in Chinese society. Following are the customs and rituals followed for celebrating Mothers Day 2018 in China.

  • Reunion Dinner By Different Families

Chinese Mothers Day 2018 quotes will be preferred to enjoy the eve of Mothers Day. Chinese Mothers Day 2018 quotes will be available in ample amount. Not only quotes Mothers Day is supposed to be celebrated by extravagant reunion dinner by different families. This dinner comprises homemade meal which is consists of multiple dishes and steamed fish is a part of it. It is a belief of Chinese that people can bring wealth in Mothers Day by eating fish.

  • Envelopes of Red Colour

In China, it is a custom to be followed by people in which senior family members give cash gifts in the red envelope to the members who are junior in relation. If the range of this cash is considered then it starts from few dollars to quite a bulky amount. This amount is given by adults to children. Unmarried family members use to get this amount from married couples of their family. Owner presents this cash gift to his or her employees. Mothers Day in China is not only celebrated by cash gifts but also by greetings. Happy Chinese Mothers Day greetings 2018 will be prepared to make the occasion important. Happy Chinese Mothers Day greetings 2018 will be presented beautifully so as to make the occasion memorable.

  • Fireworks And Firecrackers

The night of Mothers Day is lighted with firecrackers. Firecrackers are lighted in such a way that they produce the loud noise. It is a belief that this loud noise is meant to root out evil spirits. The midnight which welcomes Mothers Day in China also faces an impressive display of fireworks.

  • Dragon And Lion Dances

In Chinese Mothers Day 2018 is enjoyed by performing dances. Dance is the best way to welcome the Mothers Day. A group of energetic dancers performs a dragon dance at this time. Two dancers use to perform lion dances at this occasion.

  • Decoration

On the eve of Mothers Day 2019 in China, every street, storefront, and home is decorated. For decoration red colour is used as it is related to good fortune and wealth in the culture of China. At this time, streets are decorated with red lanterns while doors and windows with papers and posters entailing favourable characters or phrases.

  • House Cleaning

In China, the cleaning process starts a day before Mothers Day. All the windows, floors and furniture go through the cleaning process. It is a belief that bad luck of past year is swept away with dust. On the day of Mothers Day people of China avoid dusting as it uses to sweep away the good luck.

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