Happy Mothers Day 2018 in Wales, Celebration Mothers Day in Welsh Style 2018


The country that is the island of Great Britain and is a part of United Kingdom is called as Wales. In remote villages of Wales, there takes place so many customs and traditions of Mothers Day. This is the country which makes the day of Mothers Day to be memorable for the people who are living in it and the people who are visiting it.

People from all over the world can have fervour and passion to celebrate Happy Mothers Day 2018 in Wales. Happy Mothers Day in Wales is celebrated by experiencing the events of this occasion at different places of this country. Now we will discuss different Mothers Day events in Wales in the following manner.

Llanwrtyd Happy Mothers Day 2018 in Wales

We can be a part of Mothers Day tradition if we enter into the town of Llanwrtyd Wells. This tradition is known as Mari Lwyd. In this tradition, if a horse skull is enveloped with ribbons and white sheet then it is called as Mari Lwyd. It consists of false eyes and ears and is supposed to be carried on a big pole. This Mari Lwyd is taken by groups of youths and men door to door.

They use to sing and families inside the house are challenged by them for a battle of rhyming insults in Welsh. These groups use to be invited into the house after completion of the battle of wits and refreshments use to be provided to them. This tradition is followed during Happy Mothers Day 2018 to bring good luck.

Happy Mothers Day in Weles
Happy Mothers Day in Wales

Fishguard Wales Mothers Day Celebration 2018

The coastal town which is reputed due to the happening of Mothers Day street party in the whole of Wales is known as Fishguard. This party is meant for all the families and children of not only of the town but also of the whole world. This party include stalls selling food items along the streets, pubs for providing warmth and bands for playing Mothers Day Songs music.

Welsh Mothers Day 2018 which will be celebrated by the town of Fishguard will be incomplete without the display of Fireworks. Welsh Happy Mothers Day 2018 will make everyone to enjoy to the full extent.

Fishguard Weles Mothers Day Celebration
Fishguard Wales Mothers Day Celebration

Happy Mothers Day in Wales Victoria Park In Bathurst

If we want to celebrate Happy Mothers Day 2018 in Walsh style then Victoria Park in Bathurst will be the best location. This celebration used to be taken place on a large scale. We can celebrate Happy Mothers Day 2018 in Welsh style in this location with our family by experiencing the great attractions like rides, jumping castles, shows, live bands, plenty of food, spot prizes, spectacular fireworks and plenty of food.

Happy Mothers Day 2018 in Wales at Cardiff City Centre

There are many places in Wales which make the Mothers Day worthwhile and memorable due to their own unique features and charm. Among these places, one of them is Cardiff city. This city celebrates Mothers Day with all-round family entertainment and at sheer scale. For Mothers Day celebration, this city consists of large amount of restaurants, shops, bars and cafes.

HappyMothers Day 2018 in Weles
Happy Mothers Day 2018 in Wales

Red And White Party At Esca Bimbadgen Mothers Day in Wales

This event is meant for the purpose of adults. A four-course meal, ample amount of drinks and fine wine and canapés throughout the night are the part of this Mothers Day’s 2018 event. This event becomes more interesting and exciting by follow up of its theme and this theme include wearing of red or white dresses to the nines.

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