Happy Mothers Day 2018 wishes From Husband/Boyfriend, Best Mothers Day Wishes from Lover


The feeling which makes our life amazing is love. We can win the hearts of anyone through love. Love provides us with the reason for living our life. Love makes us understand how much we are attached to any person. Lovers are the persons who promise to live together not only for this life but for the next seven lives. Lovers have an important place in the society. These lovers are supposed to transfer their love into relation. This relation includes husband or wife and girlfriend or boyfriend. The occasion which makes the life of lovers beautiful and memorable is Mothers Day. Lovers can prove their love towards each other through Mothers Day wishes. Happy Mothers Day 2018 wishes from Husband are easy to be available. The best place for happy Mothers Day wishes for Boyfriend is the internet. Now, we should deal with the websites exchanging Mothers Day wishes for lovers in the following manner.

Happy Mothers Day 2018 wishes From Husband/Boyfriend

Facebook is a social media platform that is used to make or establish contacts with people living in our society. These people include our family members, boyfriend d or girlfriend, husband or wife and our friends. Facebook consists of the platform of timeline and messenger to exchange Mothers Day 2018 Pictures with the people in our contacts. Husband is the person which makes us feel secure in our life and is considered to be our lover. It is necessary to give importance to the husband. The best occasion to greet our husband is Mothers Day. Facebook will be the common website for exchanging Happy Mothers Day wishes from a husband. If we will use the site of Facebook for sharing Happy Mothers Day 2018 wishes from Boyfriend then, it will prove as the user-friendly approach.

On this special day I want you to feel all the love and gratitude that’s in my heart for you every day. Happy Mother’s Day! You’re the best!

I love you so much. I am lucky because I have you. Some love one some love two but I love you. Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mothers Day 2018 wishes for Boyfriend
Happy Mothers Day 2018 wishes for Boyfriend

I might have never ever said thank you for all that you did for me. You brought me into this world, taught me how to walk, protected me from harm, motivated me to take decisions on my own, supported me whenever I stumbled and most importantly picked me up whenever I fell. So I am taking this day as an opportunity to thank you. Thank you so much Mom! Happy Mother’s day!

If I could had chosen, I would have picked no other. Than for you…to be my lifelong friend and Precious Mother.

You are the queen of my heart and also the queen of our home. I love you with all my heart and I wish you the best on this Mother’s Day and I thank you for giving me such a beautiful daughter.

Our children are very happy children, they enjoy lots of love and they are learning to become good people. I thank you for the excellent work you have done with on this mother’s day I wish you much happiness with all my love.

Sometimes I feel very tired when I am at work, but then I think of you and I realize that besides working so hard, you also take care of our children, you look after our home and you also dedicate time to me, so I recover my energies. You are an amazing mother and wife and that is why you deserve the best. Happy Mother’s Day!

I think that I will never be able to understand how you manage to accomplish so many obligations at once and still have time to devote to our beloved children and to me. I would love to be a little more like you. Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mothers Day wishes From Husband/Boyfriend

If we want to interact with our friends, family members, boyfriend or girlfriend and husband or wife then we have to use the messages on the platform of the site-Twitter. The messages (called as tweets) used for interaction in the site of Twitter were originally restricted to 140 characters but this limit was doubled to 280 characters on 1 May 2017. This relaxation is for all languages except Chinese, Korean and Japanese. The messages which are used for interaction on Twitter include Mothers Day wishes. These Mothers Day Wishes For Lovers are used especially to greet our lover. Boyfriend is the person which makes us be liked by someone and is included in the category of our lover. Twitter is the platform which can be used secretly to give Happy Mothers Day wishes from a boyfriend. This site will become unique if we exchange happy Mothers Day 2018 wishes from Husband on it.

Love you as my mother. I respect you as a woman. I trust you as my friend. You mean so much to me and I’m so lucky to have you. Happy Mother’s Day.

Mom You’ve given me so much, Love from your heart and the warmth of your touch. The gift of life and you’re a friend to me. We have a very Special Bond, which only comes from God…I’m sure you agree. As a child I would say Mommy I Love You,

Happy Mothers Day wishes for husband
Happy Mothers Day wishes from husband


Nothing can be more comforting than a mother’s hug. I need loads of these! I miss you Mom. I may be far away but I am praying for you and wishing strongly that you have a lovely day. Happy Mother’s day. Much love on your way!

Mommy, I love you, for all that you do. I’ll kiss you & hug you, because you love me, too. You feed me & need me, to teach you to play, So smile because I love you, On this Mother’s Day.

Right from when I was born till today, there hasn’t been a single day when I have not thanked God for blessing me with a mother as wonderful and fine as you. Happy Mother’s day dearest Mom! Today is your day, so make it large!

Today is no ordinary day. It is mother’s day and as the world’s coolest Mom it is your every right to enjoy every bit of it. So here is wishing the most beautiful woman in this world I know, inside-out, a very Happy & Joyful Mother’s day. Lots and lots of love, kisses and hugs to you. Enjoy your day.

happy Mothers Day 2018 wishes for Husband
happy Mothers Day 2018 wishes from Husband

Tumblr is the interesting site for establishing social networks. The post format included in it are chat posts, quote posts, photo, audio as well as video posts. These post formats are helpful in giving Mothers Day 2018 Quotes to our lover. This site is safe and confidential to express our love towards our lover through happy Mothers Day wishes messages from Boyfriend. after sending these wishes to your boyfriend you can increase your faith or love.

You were the one to teach me how to spot what is important in life and what is not. Today I feel I did a fairly good job at spotting the most important person in my life. It is you! Happy Mother’s day! Lots of love, hugs and kisses on your way.

You’ve seen me laugh, You’ve seen me cry, And always you were there with me.  I may not have always said it. But thanks and I love you. Happy Mother’s Day!

happy Mothers Day wishes for Boyfriend
happy Mothers Day wishes from Boyfriend

“My mother is a never ending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune.”

“Who fed me from her gentle breast
And hushed me in her arms to rest,
And on my cheek sweet kisses prest?
My Mother.”

Happy Mothers Day 2018 messages from Boyfriend/Husband

When I asked you to marry me it was because I was quite sure that by your side I could be very happy and that we would form a very beautiful home. I thank you because you are a good wife and you always worry about the welfare of our children. Thousands of congratulations on this Mother’s Day!

My beautiful wife, I feel very happy because you are an extraordinary mother who always cares for our children and gives them only the best. May God bless you and always remember how much I love you.

You are not only my beloved wife, but you are also are the mother of our children and so you deserve only the best congratulations. Get ready for all the nice surprises that I have prepared with much love for you. Happy Mother’s Day!

Being married to you is one of the greatest blessings of my life because you are a unique and wonderful woman. I love you very much and I send you this Mother’s Day greeting with all my love. I thank you for the beautiful children you have given me.

Today is the mother’s day and I have a surprise for you, my love because it is thanks to you that I became a father. I adore you and I want this Mother’s Day to be one of the most beautiful ones for you.

I send you thousands of congratulations on this Mother’s Day and may you enjoy all the moments we will spend together with the family, my love. I love you with all my heart because you are my partner in this life and it was thanks to you that I discovered how wonderful it is to be a dad.

Our children are very lucky because they have a wonderful mother who takes care of their wellbeing and so on this mother’s day I thank you very much and I ask the Lord to always bless our home. I love you!

I love staring at you with our little angels because you are the most precious treasure I have in my life. My love, I love you with all my heart and I will always try my best to make you very happy, especially today, mother’s day. I love you so much!

The little angels that God has given us are the best we have and you love them with all your soul. You are an extraordinary mother and I want to congratulate you on this special date for everything you do, I love you.

I am the happiest man in the world because I have the most beautiful and loving wife in the whole world and also the most beautiful and intelligent children, and that is all thanks to you. Happy Mother’s Day, my love, I hope we have an amazing time together.

Another social networking site for making contacts is Skype. People get connected to one another through video calls, voice calls and text messaging. It is the site which is also meant for our lover. We can make contact with our lover through this site. Even, we can express our love towards him or her by exchanging Happy Mothers Day wishes From Husband on it.

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